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from the Blog
The type of girls you can find on Kik
tons of kik girls
You think Kik is just another free messenger on your phone? Think again! There's a reason 90 million people uses it. Half of which are kik girls. This mighty app is a lady magnet. And if you have her Kik, you can be kicked out of your mind with ravishing selfies of naughty ladies. But, not all types are as good to pursue. We made a list to help you recognize who you're dealing with.

The party animal
This girl likes to party and wants to party hard. She's a kik girl in her prime and not texting you because she wants to date. She is up for a casual hook up or just looking to find a new victim to brag about a new party she's at and send wild selfies with margaritas and “rave” lights flashing in the background. She's a catch for all of you adrenalin junkies with a perk of drunken after party selfie exchange. If you’re up for hyped texting with a lot of explicit photo content, she's a beast, you'll hear her roar!

Emo girl
She is another type of girl you can find on Kik. She gets up at noon and sends her virtual vampire lover (that would be you) a photo of a bat. Doesn’t start like a promising start of the day, but as the night approaches, she’s more and more into the mood for Kik entertainment. The app is her life. Darkness surrounding, empty existence rants aside, you’ll find that this one can be very inspired to put some leather and lace on and take endless ‘’art’’ selfies for you to admire. If the moon is full, she just might let the photo exchange take even more interesting turns, leaving just the dark make up on.
tons of kik girls
The traveler
You got her number at a random couch surfer’s meeting and now you're subscribed to her venture photos. Places to go, people to Kik is her motto. This kik girl is sending you pics of lovely urban hang outs, weird doors in shabby towns and big meals in an ''all you can eat buffet''. She's a proper traveler, casual and without responsibilities, in pursuit of an adventure. Probably driven by unresolved daddy issues. She can easily be the perfect girl to have a naughty selfie exchange with, when she's the only guest in an out of season roadside hostel, and the night gets oh so lonely.

Girl next door
She is a dream kik girl you can find. She is the dream come true for most of the guys. She is laughable, approachable, normal and familiar. The girl next door isn’t afraid to munch on French fries, hamburgers, pizza or whatever she feels like and still doesn’t need to worry about her jeans size. She goes to parties, loves Facebook, has a job and spends a lot of time with her friends. You’ll get a picnic photo with pie and fruit, and mirror selfie when she’s getting ready to go out. She’s funny, caring and nice. Does a lot, but doesn’t get deep into any of it. Maybe just deep enough to get your imagination going, while she texts you that she’s fresh out of the shower.

The wine and dine girl
Oh, aren't we happy to see that nice book she's reading with some fine Merlot? Are we? Well, we might be if you're that wine and dine type, into books and deep philosophical conversations long into the night when your screen is bleeping nonstop, and you're sharing world views. Not a photo type, that one. It's more into describing what she's thinking of with an occasional photo surprise. Clothed up to the neck, but, if things get hot while sharing your intimate thoughts in lonely night hours, you might be in for a surprise...

The cougar
She’s over 35, she’s sexperienced, and she knows what she wants— a Boy Toy. She might even be your friend’s mum, or your mum's friend. The cougar type often pops up on Kik. Regardless of her marital status, she knows how to keep her mobile phone discrete, and her long fingernails know how to type in pursuit of young pray. And better yet – make ravishing selfies. It’s like coming across an actual cougar in the wild—you have to treat her with caution; otherwise she will run away or tear you apart. Remember, handle with care, and you can get into a lot of wildfire.
tons of kik girls
The suffocater
She texts all the time about hundred different tiny things happening in her day, because she wants to share them all with you – her baby doll, prince charming, Mr. guilty for PMS troubles and her mother giving her hard time. She is radiating: I live for you and have nothing else going on. Apart from cats. She probably has a few. She is a night mare of an urban male. At first you might find yourself flattered that she is that into you, but very quickly, you'll feel suffocated by her overwhelming presence and constant photo updates on Ms. Kitty life and her ranting mood swings. She is jealous. She wants to change you. Kik it out!

The nerd
Her photos show a pretty girl dressed in baggy clothes. She is equal parts smart and sass. Her brain is wired in a way that she somehow seems to remember all those random things that you learned throughout school. I mean who doesn’t know how do cells function when we get excited? She can be very shy at first, but when she get’s comfortable around you, the wild flute girl from American pie emerges, and you’re in for some naughty Kik entertainment.

The popular girl
She’s a hot cheerleader with an army of friends/followers/minions and the only reason she has you on Kik is because she loves to attract male attention. You’ll love her flirty texts with a teasing twist and that ravishing selfie in which she revealed just enough to make you wild. She is a girl of your dreams, and you can’t help but stare at the screen waiting for a sound from Kik. But don’t get too carried away. You’re probably just another fan raising her ego.

The girl from an exotic country
You’ve met online, and can’t stop texting and exchanging photos. She’s exotic, laughable and wants to share her world with you, and get as many details of yours back. Every Kik session is an adventure because you’re half of the planet away, you’ll probably never meet, which makes all naughty scenarios super safe. An ideal Kik girl to fulfill your exotic