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from the Blog
The history of Kik Messenger and Nudes
kik nudes logo
Kik Messenger, also known just as Kik, is an instant messenger application for smartphones. It is available free of charge on iOS, Android and Windows Phone operating systems. Kik Interactive, company whose product is Kik Messenger, was founded in 2009. Passionate group of students from the University of Waterloo in Canada wanted to simplify lives for themselves and create something new for use on mobile phones. Idea was to communicate quick and easy. And the application was released on October 19, 2010. It took only 15 days for it to reach one million of registered users.

People from Kik Interactive believed that era of the smartphones are as big transformation as the rise of the PC. New times have started again. It can be considered as important as the rise of the Internet. Possibilities now are endless. With smartphone in your pocket the whole world is just one click away. Anything that you need can be found easier. Your friends and colleagues are always reachable. Kik recognize this advantage of internet and free WiFi to improve possibilities in business as well.

In the beginning Kik was part of BlackBerry App World, but in November of 2010 Research In Motion (RIM) limited the functionality of the software for its users only. RIM and Kik Interactive went on court because of patent infringement and misuse of trademarks, but later, in October 2013, the companies settled the lawsuit. The terms was undisclosed. After that, everything started to move faster and brighter for Kik. They announced 38,3 million Series C funding road, and they bought GIF Messenger Relay. Kik had raised more than 70$ million in time that passed.
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ast year, on August 16, they received 50$ million from Chinese investment, giant Tencent that invented popular Chinese messaging service WeChat. Idea is to make Kik Messenger as popular in west as WeChat is on east.Together with Sony Music, Kik Interactive received a Smarties award by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) for their global music marketing campaign with mega popular One Direction.

Kik is not made only for talking. You can share a lot trough this app. It is more like combination of the several popular applications in one and it is free for iOS, Android, Windows and Amazon mobile devices. This messaging application combines several features, so users can easily send text, videos, photos and much more with just a simple touch of the screen. Anyone who is 12+ can register an account and start to communicate and share with your contacts and friends. It is possible to search for Kik interest groups by searching for keywords related to topic that you’re interested in. Whatever you like, it is almost certain that the group already exist, e.g. search “fashion”, “games”, “literature”, “cars”. If you’re not satisfied with the possibilities you can always make your own group just by tapping the “Start a Group” button and you’re ready to share your interests with the world, send Kik selfies or Kik videos.

More than 275 million people from 230 countries worldwide use Kik messenger. This is fast growing and fast changing applications and probably the best way to connect with friends no matter where they are or where you meet them. What is also great about Kik is that they use usernames and not phone numbers so your number is always safe. Your location is always safe as well, so it is impossible to be located trough the app. Only information that is shared is the one that you choose to share. Not even your email address or birthday is shared. This was a part of discussions because Kik has drawn controversy due to its reported involvement in a number of incidents of child exploitation.
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There were some problems in past because kids were able to send messages without alerting parents, but from February 2016 Kik’s parents guide stresses that teens should have parent’s permission to use application. Company deletes all account of users under 13 when they are detected or when a parent requests the deletion.

It is clearly whw kids love Kik so much. The reason is fact that Kik is much more than just typing messages. They can send Kik cards where they can include YouTube videos, GIFs, Kik selfies or their own drawings. But if they are not careful and if they share their username on public social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. everyone can find them and send them a message. It can happen that they receive Kik nudes or other kind of inappropriate messages. But if application is used responsibly no harm can be done. Kik is used by 40 percent of United States teenagers. If parents have access to their kids smartphones or iPods they will be able to view up to the last hundred messages for each chat.

Using Kik is similar to making a phone call. There will be a record of messages being sent and received, but messages won’t be saved or seen, that is why Kik can’t provide parent with access to their teen’s messages. The best option is to ask your child not to delete chats and messages, and also to provide you with access to their device. Or even to use same account with your kid. Now it is possible to have multiple Kik accounts but it is necessary to use a different email address for each account. But still it is not possible to login to multiple accounts at once in the same time on the same phone.

Kik Messenger is great application for people who wants to be connected with the world. Their Kik selfies can instantly go around of the world. It will be for free and anonymous if they want it. This is a great advantage of modern world and modern communication. But it is also a great responsibility. Idea of Kik enthusiasts to improve a world is already done and we can’t wait to see what is new that they will offer us.