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from the Blog
How to choose a good Kik username?
kik usernames list
If you're into texting without having to pay for it, then you should download an app that let's you text and communicate for free. Of course, this is a suggestion for those not already having such an app. So, if you're looking for one that lets you use different kinds of features so you could talk to anyone around the world for free, Kik is the place to be.

The concept of Kik is pretty much the same as that one of WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat, etc. Whether you use your mobile data or a WiFi connection, you can send text messages, videos, images, etc., for free. How to install it, you wonder? Go to your smartphone's app store and look for Kik. After tapping the download button, enter your name, username, your phone number and a password (the one you choose to set).

In comparison to, let's say WhatsApp, on Kik you use your username, instead of your mobile phone number. That means you can meet someone on Kik, but you don't need to give your phone number. Compared to other apps, Kik lets you go to websites, Facebook and Twitter wothout leaving the app. Kik also gives you an insight if your messages were sent, delivered and read.

So, if you're into meeting new people or building a network of friends, Kik is an excellent place to do it. You just need to share your Kik username, and people from all around the world can contact you. Kik username is the base of what you share with people, therefore it's extremely important to pick the perfect one. You should go for a name that instantly gives people a hint about your personality, about who you really are.
kik usernames list
The ones you share your username with, will have the possibility of sending messages to you. When starting a conversation, people will have the possibility of seeing your first and last name, your username, and your profile picture. Your email, phne number or your birthday won't be seen. When it comes to choosing a perfect Kik username, social media experts have different advices.

Some say that you should choose a hard guessing username. Let there be letters, numbers and special characters, they say. Unlike them, there are experts who think your username needs to be short, made of common words, without using too much special characters.

About choosing short (and nice) Kik username, you really should think of one that is easy to remember. Whodat738rulz, for example, might look interesting, but it's not gonna get you a lot of new friends. On contrary, they could get confused while trying to find you. Smartboy123, that's something now, since it is more common, shorter and easier to remember and to look for.

Those common names, common words actually, are easier to connect with. If you choose a username with words such as pretty, lady, hot, boy, people will easy look and find you. Common words will connect you to much more people. While looking for adjectives, go after the one that truly describes you. Or the one that you want to be recognized as.

One thing you should always have in mind โ€“ never give your full name. That means, don't incorporate your full name into your username. After you connect with someone, after a while, you will be able to give him or her your real name, but never use it at first, to strangers. Beside your protection, not giving your full name is kinda mysterious, lets people thing more about you.
kik usernames list
Numbers and special characters are in a unfavorable field, too. Of course, your Kik username needs to be unique, like in any other messaging service, and that's where numbers and symbols hop in. But you need to be strategical about placing those characters. As already mentioned - Whodat738rulz is not an good example. Those numbers might mean something to you, but they are not likely to be remembered. Using 123 in, once again, Smartboy123, is much better. Numbers are in a consecutive order, that's way people can remember them easily.

Another advice you should go for is not to overuse special characters. Some special characters are fine, but use them smart, and once again, use the common ones. If your name is, for example, Jessica, don't go after too much special characters to say it. For instance, Jessว€c@ is not a catchy, readable and simple one. People will have trouble finding you. Also, be carefull while using common chars. @, #, $, or % and not in favor, and Kik might also not allow you to use them.

So, make sure your Kik username is unique, for you will not be able to have the one that someone has already registered. Make it unique to yourself too, by using, let's say your favorite sports team, a music band, your role model, or even your hobby. That's the good way to explain to people who you are, at first sight.

If you're about protecting your privacy, or into distancing yourself from someone, you need to make sure your new name is completely different from the old one. That way they won't be able to guess it. Another thing you can do is to block unwanted people, immediately when completing your profile, so there will be no chance for them to message you, or find you at all.

There is also one thing that you should be aware of - Kik Messenger does not allow user to change the username. It's because such a rule gives Kik a quality measure of how many users they have (they do it based on the number of taken usernames), and it also protects them from crowding unused usernames on their servers. The only way of starting a new profile and changing your Kik username is by completely deactivating your account. But at least it's an easier process than the one on WhatsApp or any other platform that requires your phone number. Since Kik is not asking for your number, it's easy actually to delete your old account and easy to create a completely new one.