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The Fappening, the Snappening and the rise of leaked snapchat
Leaked snapchat examples
When you think of 60 explicit images of the movie star Jennifer Lawrence’s amazing body, or Kate Upton up and close with her Boyfriend, League Baseball pitcher Justin Verlander or some very graphic images of lovely actress Kirsten Dunst, one could just say – Wow, did that really happen? Oh yes. And that leaked snapchat is just the beginning.

Named after 'fap' – a slang for masturbation and a 2008. film ''The Happening'', fappening happens when a hacker steals naked photographs of celebrities and then publishes them on image sharing sites. Star status of the numerous alleged victims of the fappening set the internet on fire. Stars like Kim Kardashian, Victoria’s Secret model Erin Heatherton, actress Winona Ryder, singer Ingrid Michaelson, television star Anna Lynne McCord and many other were caught off guard, and private content of their hard drives and clouds became a matter of mass amusement. The first collection of private and nude pictures of almost 100 female celebrities was posted on the image sharing website 4chan.org. These were later shared by other users on websites and social networks. The world got to see very intimate pictures of some of Hollywood’s largest stars. The internet rejoiced as huge amounts of explicit photos of various female celebrities were leaked for everyone to see.

Nude Stars and celebrities on your display
It's a dirty moment captured in time, marking the voyeur character of our generation, peeking through screens into the naked celebrity adventures. Because of the huge publicity blast the fappening creates, some say celebrities themselves are crazy about hitting the topless beaches in France or recording explicit home videos and awaiting the fappening to consume the internet. It's an invasion of privacy that causes a huge stir and causes millions of clicks worldwide. Everyone wants to see stars like Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence, supermodel Cara Delevingne or pop princess Rihanna in the nude, or better yet – in flagrante.
Leaked snapchat examples
Celebrety lawyers rushed to remove “the unlawful images”, because of the fact they are hacked stolen property, unlawfully obtained and posted by ''pervert predators'' who are violating the victims privacy rights and basic human decency by stealing and displaying confidential private photos and videos (most of which depict the women in private settings, while nude or semi-nude, engaging in private intimate conduct) without the permission of the owners of the Images, but nevertheless once the geenie goes viral, it's hard to return it to the bottle. Therefore many images remain on various sites and even YouTube.

When Snappening hits the fan
Soon enough, young people following the star set example were getting more and more carried away with their body shots, sharing them via disappearing-photo app Snapchat. However, photos did not disappear. On the contrary. The doomsday of private nudity happened when Snapchat client got hacked and 90,000 private photos and 9,000 hacked Snapchat videos leaked online flooding the internet with a new phenomena– snappening. The blame for leaked snapchat is on the members from the website 4chan.org who have, so they claim, gained access to over two hundred thousand Snapchat accounts by hacking the cloud service Snapsave. A huge 13.6 GB file was posted online via a bogus website. The site was soon deleted, but that was not helpful since thousands of people downloaded stolen personal photos and videos and started to share them on. In short – In it was the biggest leak of personal photos ever. The snappening was viral. Not all were happy with the leaked snapchats, though. Some rated the content of the 13.6 GB file as low resolution pile of everything, a lot of which not explicit at all.

The snappening is the fappening with ordinary people instead of stars. Unlike ''The fappening'', the victims are not only girls. Male population got their even share of the attention, but like ''The fappening'', a lot of the stolen content is explicit in nature, making it easier to spread over internet plains as a bushfire.

Not all sexy, but a lot of it
Unlike the celebrity nude photos, appearing everywhere, the snappening was somewhat harder to find online after a big scale actions to remove it from the web and the fact that most of the tens of thousands of images were without usernames or metadata, simply blending into the anonymity of the web. Because of that the snappening was soon followed by a lot of misinformation, causing many to dismiss the whole thing as a hoax. However, it was far from a hoax. A vast quantity of explicit Snapchat videos, mostly removed from the net, soon started to emerge on the Dark Web. It was hopeless and unstoppable.
Leaked snapchat examples
However, don't get carried away thinking all of the Snapchat users were only capturing their intimate moments. Overwhelming majority of private photos and videos hackers stole were not particularly sexy. Majority of them, according to users were just normal selfies or text overlayed on a black screen, since it's considered that fewer than five percent of users used Snapchat for sexting. But, one must consider that five percent of hundreds of thousands is still a lot of explicit content, which can be easily found on The Dark Web thanks to the anonymous persons deep into browsing through the vast quantities of private photos and videos in pursuit of some nudity.

Snap with care
The problem with the snappening was that a many images and videos were taken by teenagers. Snapchat claimed that around 50 per cent of its users are between 13 and 17 years old, meaning that the leak potentially included images which classed as child pornography. Snapchat has continuously denied responsibility for the leak, blaming the Snapchatters use of third-party apps to send and receive Snaps.

Theft of sexy photos is slowly becoming a part of the cultural statement of our time, marrying technology with narcissism in a world where more and more youngsters are sharing alluring pictures and indulging in selfie-mania. Just remember, once it's on the net, there is no stopping it. When you're clicking on naked celebrity photos, bear in mind – if you'll go skinny dipping and photo document it, Snap with care.