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netflix and chill Any takers? 25
by Laceyu
netflix and chill I hope someone also sees
by Me_Toucha_Signal
netflix and chill Choke Me
by Labiarynth
netflix and chill Pretty in pink
by hmhh
netflix and chill Just my titties
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netflix and chill After morning test flight
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netflix and chill Newly atomic ;p
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netflix and chill Look what
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netflix and chill outset post, be nice ;p
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netflix and chill Lick my mandibles
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netflix and chill Dat Ass!
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netflix and chill Mirror Strip.
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netflix and chill Fit.Fun.First.
by Blubella
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What is Netflix and Chill?
Netflix and chill logo
It is Friday, and you’re looking forward into going home after a long, hardworking week. Chatting with your colleagues about weekend plans, you tell them how excited you are about going home for some ‘Netflix and chill’. And you cause an awkward moment of silence. One of your colleagues smiles significantly, the other one makes a surprised look on his face. You leave, wondering what have you done or said wrong.

Actually, nothing’s wrong with being into movies or a specific TV show, watching it while lying comfortably on your sofa, dressed in a pajama. But next time, you should consider using another phrase to describe it. Why? Well, ‘Netflix and chill’ is more than a free-time description, it is not as innocent as it sounds. If you looked for the phrase back in 2007, when Netflix began video streaming to its subscribers, you probably couldn’t find a special relation between two words this euphemism is later made of. But years later, ‘Netflix and chill’ has a totally different connotation. It is not about movies or shows. Not at all.

According to the Urban dictionary, ‘Netflix and chill’ stands for two people meeting at each other’s places to perform a sex related act. A definition of the phrase was actually added to the Urban Dictionary in April 2015, stating that it means a 'code for two people going to each other's houses and fucking or doing other sexual related acts'.It has become a new, millenial-generation's version of 'Wanna come up for a drink or a cup of coffee?'.
Netflix and chill logo
Social media recorded the first use of this phrase back in 2009. User @nofacenina posted: “I’m about to log onto Netflix and chill for the rest of the night.”. But it was just a meaningless update to her followers, with no hidden connotation. It had no sexual connotation for few more years, but the usage was becoming more and more popular.

Somewhere in 2014, Twitter users started to state a ‘netflix and chill’ as a subversive description of what was going on that night. The phenomenon was developing in two directions, depending on user's gender. Girls who had been asked to an 'Netflix and chill' session by boys, soon discover those boys’ real motives.

So, the euphemism is now being established. The word spread. Boys are into victorious looks on their faces, girls still a bit shocked, explaining to each other ‘what he meant when he said it’. As time went by, more and more women, and men (although fewer), got caught on to the subversive meaning of the phrase, so scare quotes started appearing around 'chill', which indicated that people knew what was really going on. Up to date, ‘Netflix and chill’ secret is out, officially the most popular sex-related saying. And it is all around us. Social networks full of statuses, pics, emojis, refering to it. GIFs and memes even get their own websites.

The phenomenon as popular as this, went far beyond and across US borders. Teenagers from all around the world, from Britain to Australia, became aware of its meaning, 'causing for jokes and memes to appear everywhere. Even United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron's alleged sexual act with a pig turned up on websites, as a meme gaining the attention of big, appreciated newspapers and sites.

In England, 'netflix and chill' caused for a special Valentine's Day offer in 2016. A hotel in London was offering a unlimited in-room movies weekend, along with a mini-bar usage, late check-out, and an English breakfast, for those able to sleep over. Celebrities are caught up themselves. Nicky Minaj, for example, posted a pregnant lady picture on Instagram, claiming it came ‘straight outta Netflix and chill’.

Those trying to find an answer to what dating is nowadays, started to wonder how many 'hook-ups' in a month stand for a real relationship, and how many hang-outs during a week mean people are dating. They started to ask when did this phrase become an acceptable description of a relationship.
Netflix and chill logo
So, it is clear now that the new term is coined out of a hook-up culture, surrounding mostly teenagers and students. They are pretty much familiar with one night stands and simple, random flings; this ‘netflix and chill’ phenomenon, as well as the rise of technology itself only became another way of promoting these kinds of relationships.

Let's be honest - generations and generations of teens and twenty-year old ones are about being sex-crazed, no matter the gender, sexuality, a year or a decade. The only difference between how it was, let's say fifteen years ago and now is the technology. There are already advising articles on the internet, explaining to parents how things work nowadays. There are experts claiming how parents need to know who are their children spending time with, and introducing them to the new phrases and trends therefore. Some even say that it has to be mother’s or father’s responsibility to understand how their children use both, devices and phrases.

Women also debate about should one answer to the 'netflix and chill' text. 'Why are you answering a message when the only thing expected is sex? You are more than sex', they say, addressing those with, for example, lower self-esteem or religious devotion. The one who sends this message, they say, is not at all into a girl's sexual needs; just the opposite - it's just a wish and desire of fulfilling his own needs. Selfishness, those women are trying to explain, is a 'netflix and chill' phenomenon's foundation.

Meanwhile, with every single post and update, there is someone being more than satisfied with it. Netflix, the company itself. They got a product placement that most companies can only dream about. Interested about how much they influence dating, Netflix did a research on 1008 of their subscribers, US citizens. One of the results was that 58 % of examined ones use Netflix posts as compatibility guidance. One in four polled people said liking the same show is a major part of compatibility, and one in ten admitted they would ask someone on a date, based on Netflix show compatibility itself. 72 % of respondents in a relationship described their ideal casual date night - stay in and watch Netflix together. It is more than clear that Netflix plays an irreplaceable role in today’s people's lives.