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Selfies submitted yesterday (December 12, 2017)
nude tumblr Semi frontal <3
by actuallymyself
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by innocentprincesss
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by howyoulikeyoureggs
nude tumblr Real and UnrealF
by Cl804oPatra
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by Lovemesweetly649
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The types of Tumblr blogs
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Tumblr is founded back in 2007, and its growth is enormous. It is estimated that on March 1 of this year Tumblr hosts over 282,1 million blogs. Every blogger wants to be unique and creative so we can say that there are as many types of blogs as their creators. This social network is home for wildly diverse authors and now it can be considered as one big subculture of modern ages. Anyway, there are always ones who are better and more successful than others. That’s why we can talk about variety of blog types, such as Art, Boho, Design, Fashion, Hipster, Health, Vitage, Urban, Gif, Girly, Humor, Indie, Personal, Tutorial, Beauty advice, Black and White, Nature, Music, Fandom, Political, and etc. The possibilities are literally endless.

So, whether you want to become a part of Tumblr society or just spend great amount of time exploring what others are posting, here are some guiding lines.Blogs that are considered as The Art Fanatic can be dedicated to some painter, musician, photographer or any kind of artist who inspired blog author. The artist themselves uses this network to show to the world their creative vision and to inspire the others. They also use the opportunity to discuss and share ideas with other artist out there. Personal blogs can become very popular. Today everyone wants to sneak peek inside others lives, especially if that life is presented as the picture perfect life. Guys and girls with perfect hair and flawless skin, incredible travel destinations and expensive outfits, yes we all want to be part of this world even if it’s fake. That is why Personal blogs becomes so popular.

Fashion blogs are great way to continue this list. Tumblr is filled with fancy clothes, designer bags and shoes posts. You can always daydream a bit and imagine yourself on runway or even behind as a great fashion designer. But if you’re not that much into high fashion, you can always follow Hipster blogs. There are plenty of possibility to learn how to wear galaxy legging or mum jeans, because boyfriend jeans are too mainstream. Grunge, hipster, indie fashion are as popular as high or couture fashion.
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Fandom blogs are maybe the biggest type. There are hundreds and hundreds of fan blogs and communities. Any form of media can become fandom inspiration – books, celebrities, TV shows, music, comics, etc. Fandoms produce a lots of fan arts and fiction. Fans wants to be a part of this imaginary world and trough this types of blogs they can live together with their favourite media.

Food Porn blogs are popular on every social network so they are on Tumbler as well. Many bloggers are dedicated to share photos of their delicious meals, gorgeous desserts, healthy snacks and milk shakes. Some users proudly share their homemade meals and kitchen experiments. They are happy to answer questions about their secret ingredients, simplified cooking techniques and other culinary inquiries. If you want to find out what is the most popular meal in restaurant, follow some of Tumblr food blogs and you can learn even the dish name. This is good option for travellers who wants to explore local cuisine.

“That kind of blogs” – if you know what we mean. Yes, sex blogs are on our mind. This social network isn’t strict as Instagram or some others. Here you can find almost everything. Pictures and gifs of people having sex (gay and straight), kissing, doing whatever comes on their minds. Try to skip this type of blogs during your work time. Tumblr is also considered as gif heaven. Humor blogs are there to entertain us forever. They will make joke from any ordinary experience so we all can feel a little bit awesome in our not so funny lives. These types of blogs collect all different types of media and reblog or post submissions daily.

There are users who are active in fighting any kind of social injustices. Feminism blogs are becoming more and more popular. Actually, any kind of activist blogs like lgbtq blogs, labour blogs, maternity blogs... Sometimes this users are called “social justice warriors”. We believe in equality and justice, and that’s why these kinds of blogs are really cool.
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We can’t forget Animal blogs. Cats, dogs, and again cats, birds, even fish, wild animals, cats... You’ll find them all on Tumblr. If your day is not so good and you want to feel loved and cute search for cats, oh we want to say cuddly creatures. Well, who can resist to a puppies or baby bunnies? Political blogs, even Trump blogs is great place to spent a little bit of time. Anything that is happening in your county you can post on Tumblr. Debates, scandals, secrets... Stay up to date with news.

Fitness and healthy lifestyle blogs. If you’re looking for fitness motivation, before and after pictures of now gorgeous bodies, search for “fitspo” or “fitsoporation”. Users often post, healthy snack recipes, good diets, workout regimens and inspirational quotes and images. Members often try to gain a better life trough daily exercise and a good diet.

Nature and travel blogs can lead you to wonderful destinations. You can dream about your next road trip or even start to saving some money for summer. Oceans or mountains, trees or deserts, whatever your soul is yearning, it can be found and your heart will fall in love. Take a look at massive buildings or calm landscapes.

In the end, let’s not forget about Sport blogs. You can stay up to date with any kind of sporting world news. Whether you like basketball, football, dancing, skiing, bowling or baseball there are Tumblr blogs for you. Blogs can be dedicated to athletes and their personal life as well. With 282 million blogs and counting there is still plenty of room to join and share creative ideas with world. It is great opportunity to be part of this large community but it is even greater challenge to stand out there.