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sex selfies I'd for example a ride!
by ipostshinygirls
sex selfies Just a little something.. :D
by UrDone676
sex selfies D. Socks
by 523FeelGo
sex selfies My GF and I thought we'd communicate
by nudesthrowaway
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sex selfies I'd like to be in that skiff
by Ridethelightning974
sex selfies Snapchat teaser
by d830vid830
sex selfies Salle d'essayage
by felixdero
sex selfies Snapchat slut
by d830vid830
sex selfies I'd tackle themselves
by posterior-pepsi
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The popularity of sex related selfies
Sex Selfies Mockup
We all have selfies. It's an absolute global phenomenon that has become a social habit. We take selfies while doing almost everything: traveling, eating, chilling, partying, working, etc. All of this jus to feed our narcissism and get likes on our social media accounts, and there's no doubt that regarding popularity and getting lots of likes and comments there's a category that is above all.

Think about it. Put on the shoes of a twentysomething hot chick who wants to get a bunch of likes on her Instagram photos. It's not rocket science the less neckline, the more merchandise shows up and, (why not?) the more likable the photo gets, and when you realize that the photo of the fruit salad you ate early in the morning doesn't have even half the likes you got from the photo of your half naked body in the hot tub with the hashtag #bubblebath #refreshing #relaxing, you kind of end up cramming your profile with all kind of sexually related pictures of yourself.

This phenomenon has reached pro levels whit in the women community no matter the situation. From young teens who constantly take insinuating girl selfies in order to get likes for their facebook profiles, to models who constantly update their Instagram with the hottest almost xxx selfies you could imagine for professional proposes, to dating profiles where girls are more concerned to get their boobs on the frame rather than their face, even pornstars who capitalize this new fashion with porn selfies or live cam sessions. And not to mention the porn industry where if you search xxx selfies or porn selfies you will find not just pictures but entire categories dedicated to the pornstars to embrace their narcissistic side by posting all kind of hot naked porn selfies.
Sex Selfies Mockup
But guys don't get behind on this subject. No matter if they are gay, hetero or just metrosexual, sexual selfies can be found in any of thesecases. Photos with no more covering than a towel on your package, leaving very few to the imagination of many, not at all shy women who don't hesitate on giving likes or even leaving spicy comments.

Ironically, according to professional researchers, the excess of selfies is more associated with lack of sex, been the excess of selfies one of the symptoms for people who has low sexual self-esteem, using this tendency to hide their insecurity and sexual absence, even if the contradict themselves in their profiles, defining themselves like sexy or desirable. It's also said that in our globalization time we are getting close to what experts call Web 3.0, where users become consumers of the produced by themselves (prosumers), from there the growing fashion of taking, publishing, and commenting selfies that reflex, even, intimate emotional states that define our identity.

But. Leaving the investigatory chat aside, one thing is for sure, everybody loves sex selfies men and women alike. It has become so popular and normal, that even the after sex selfies had become a trend in social media, inundating the internet with photos as random and funny as you could ask for. Not conforming with normal poses, we found this sex selfies published with the hashtag #aftersex that shows people with their sex mates right after having engaged intercourse, spreading them through social media presuming the moment of pleasure (or awkwardness) they just have enjoyed.

Even with girl selfies, we found they take their inhibition with both proud and laughter. Jokes like Who the it's that & why won't he go framing an Instagram picture of a half naked guy laying next to an apparently shocked chic in her bed, fill the internet with lots of similar variations. Plus on the good side is that this #aftersex theme has come to replace the famous cigarette some people smoked after sex. On that side, it's a very healthy turn of events. Another interesting fact is that, whoever practice sexual selfie experiment similar sensations to incorporating a third person to the relation, but with lesser risks, considering it as an alternative to the fantasy and the actual incorporation.
Sex Selfies Mockup
An important fact also why sexual selfies are becoming so popular has to be with private social media. nowadays, thanks to the cell phone cameras it'slot, but a lot easier for people to send xxx selfies, and thanks to that many chicks dedicate to send this girl selfies on Whatsapp, Snapchat and similar.

In recent times, selfies also advanced in the sexual plane when the protagonist of the pictures passed to other body areas, other than smiley faces. No doubt, this exchange of images can be very exciting and even a recommended practice for not falling in the routine or turning up the desire. While sending porn selfies and photos of your sexual organs is everyday more common, the problem is that you never know where that image could end up.

Many men and women can tell that these selfies are a very exciting stimulation, even much more than the professional erotic photos or porn movies. This is due to the naturally of the selfie, wich makes fantasy look a much more alike reality. On the early first selfies, the predominant places where bathroom mirrors or elevators, but nowadays there're no distinguishing places. What matters isn't the spot anymore but what you want to show, and many times what you want to show is all of it.

The sexual selfies interest has gone to a point where you can find specifically designed applications for sharing sexual selfies, without any type of content censorship. Quentin Lechemia, the creator of one of this social networks (Pornostagram), has almost become a sex selfie activist and defends the possibility of sharing this images as for him, the sexuality is just another part of people's lives and it should be shared the same way we share the photo of a pizza.