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Selfies submitted yesterday (April 18, 2018)
sexting Did you escape me? ;)
by attentionseeker130
sexting him shouldn't do this on the floor!
by fairyland-Dark
sexting After the beach
by blr114
sexting Where are my Midwest men?
by booty_Mr_and_mrs
sexting Happy Tuesday
by Tittybitty575
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by JustForUsGW
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by Theprettywildcat
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What is Sexting?
Sexting Online Now
Horny people will always be horny. If the person they like is not around, a way will be found to express one's sexual desires. The most common way to do it is to correspond. The age of love letters in which lovers exchange intimate desires and intentions via ink stained dirty words has passed. So have the endless heavy breathing sessions in the telephone speaker back in the 1980’s. It’s a new era and mobile phones are in everyone's pocket, ready for action in all times. Sexy websites are online, and the best part of it – online sexting is free. All you have to pay is a fixed internet cost, or find a free Wi-Fi hot spot. Since when is it happening like that? For some time now. It was soon after people discovered texts, and a bit later with the development of technology photo sharing, sexting was born. Raunchy pics found their way around and sexting now is one of the most common ways lonely individuals want to interact.

What exactly is sexting? It's a portmanteau of sex and texting, two terms all of us are fond of. It does not mean texting about sex, or sexual texting. It's sex texting. Texting instead of making sweet love. There are many definitions of sexting. Acting like you're having sex, only by texts and hot photos. It's like phone sex, only by texting and sexuall photo sharing. It is generally understood that the best answer on the question - what is sexting is - the sending sexually explicit messages or photos electronically, primarily between mobile phone apps for the purpose of achieving sexual pleasure.

Sex bloggers say that nature of what constitutes a sext is subjective and very different with different people. That means if you're dating a girl into a foot fetish, a photo of you trying in shoes can be perceived as a sext. Likewise, if you're into spanking, and a girl sends you a photo of a ping pong paddle, you'll get a hard on. That means she had just sent a sext. In short, anything meant to turn your partner on, regardless of what it looks like; having a sexual connotation is a sext.

Sexting Online Now
And if you are sending it, and receiving it, you are sexting. Some would suggest it's flirty or explicit sharing of sexualy themed texts or erotic photos. It can be a variety of things. Kissing, nudity, sex, all virtual and created by words and photographs, all falls in the category of sexting. If you write to the hot girl you fantasize about that you want to make out with them, it's a sext. If you include a photo of yourself and/or your intimate parts, you take sexting to a higher, more committed level.

It is understood that with every wave of technology, people accumulate new words, like Google, Youtube, upload, cloud and so on. It's the same with texting. With every new development, a possibility for sexting is enhanced. We have tons of websites and internet forums which make sexting online possible, either by making the lists of potential partners available or by offering tips and tools to use while doing it. Developing new apps used for sexting, like Snapchat, provide sexters worldwide with more and more opportunities to fulfill their desire without leaving the comfort of their home.

More and more young people enjoy sexting online during lonesome afternoons, naughty mornings or long nights. Talking about things you want to do to each other, followed by sending sexual photographs can make the day. Studies say that many young people prefer to start off their sexual activity using their phones. Some even prefer to keep their virtual sexual relationship - virtual. Free sexting is like free love, some would say. Who wouldn't do it. Majority of the people perceives sexting as a way of brightening one's day with some interactive erotica. It's a good feeling to see the occasional bum, boob, dick or hot body figure, depending on the gender and preference, on the phone.
Sexting Online Now
Some people avoid sending sexually explicit photos and stick to texts filling the scenario with their imagination. On the other hand, some people are down to earth and in your face, skiping the talk and flashing body parts is their way of expression.

Sexting is gender balanced, both men and women equally participate in online sexting. Many experts believe that people turn to sexting and mobile phone relationships to escape the everyday pressures and weaknesses, enjoying in the carelessness that the anonymity of sexting provides. Social scientists are afraid that people who rely on online sexting too often can experience a dangerous sense of detachment from their lives. Sexting is also by many people considered as infidelity if sexters are not doing it with their partners, because the act can prove to be just as emotional as the real thing.

If your partner is engaged in a sexting fling, even though there are no evidence of cheating in real life, or a physical connection, the line is not so blurry - sexting can be as serious as a real life fling. Many surveys on the sexting issue reveal that as much as 64 percent of adults feel that if a person is married or in a committed relationship, and engages in sexting with other people, it is considered cheating. On the other hand, only a third of the population disagrees with that point.

It is clear that the act of sending naked or provoking photos of yourself to a person you like, and describing all the sexual things you would like to do to them is not only a past time habit, but a growing lifestyle of many young people, addicted to their phones. There is nothing new in the concept of sexting. Only the media has changed through the years of human correspondence. Most of the people have done it, more will do it in the years to come in the internet age we live in.