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Selfies submitted today (July 21, 2018)
sexy selfies I'd like to be in that skiff
by Ridethelightning974
sexy selfies Snapchat teaser
by d830vid830
sexy selfies Salle d'essayage
by felixdero
sexy selfies Snapchat slut
by d830vid830
sexy selfies I'd tackle themselves
by posterior-pepsi
Selfies submitted yesterday (July 20, 2018)
sexy selfies One of my plater dresses :D
by sundreams2170
sexy selfies I'd
by responsible744
sexy selfies I'd dike back
by krice272
sexy selfies Good morning boobs!
by d467mager
sexy selfies I'd land on that disrobe
by treatemright
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The different categories of sexy selfies
Girl laying down sexy selfies
Sexy selfies are a social phenomenon which makes the brain chemicals of men around the world go crazy. And there are a lot of them. They're a social phenomenon and a staple in our digital culture that's making the internet a very naughty place. With more and more hot girls bored and aware of their sexy bodies, dirty selfies have taken over the internet making it practically impossible to scroll through your feed without seeing a half naked beauty in a seductive pose on a beach, or showing off their lush backside in the bathroom mirror. While no two leaked selfies are exactly alike, we decided to pack some of these hauntingly hot photos into specific sexy selfie categories.

I’ll show you my good side (horny) selfie
Whether it's the round bum close up, or a divine cleavage, a tight six-pack or a duckface of a beautiful girl, this particular selfie says – this is the part of me I'm most proud of. They are very aware of how their body looks, and decide to take a dirty selfie. These babes love posing for the camera and love to get the perfect shot every single time. Whether it's a sexy bikini photo, or a provocative mirror shot, these girls know how to work those camera angles

The exhibitionist
There are some girls who like to show it all. While most of the horny selfies on the internet are with at least some clothes on, or covered up by towels and bath robes, some wildlings, just don’t care. They are hot and naked in various poses, sometimes covering up the essentials with their palms, or specific body postures. Hot girls aware of their hotness and excited by the thought on the desire they’re stirring in guys minds.
Girl laying down sexy selfies
“I am staying in, give me attention” leaked selfie
The girl in her pajamas after the past couple of nights of wild parties decides to stay in and pretend she's a good girl for a day. She wants everyone to know she is home alone and that they should feel free to text her cause she is hot, bored, and with nothing better to spend time with her camera. To do so, she sends leaked selfies to everybody.

Good morning selfie
She is not afraid to show her true face to the world, ditching all make-up in favor of showcasing her natural glow. She just woke up, looks amazing and wants everyone to see it sharing a selfie from the comfort of her bed. It's a photo that sends shivers throughout our bodies and invites – make her some breakfast! Celebrities love this particular selfie type, even though, we all know there is no way she looked that flawless when her alarm went off.

The beach selfie
If there's such thing as a horny selfie paradise, it's the beach. Don't think about the pair of hot dogs posing for a photo as legs in the sun on a beautiful beach. We're talking about hot, lush girl bodies fresh out of the water, or while rubbing the lotion on. There's no place like the beach where a girl can present her body for the world to admire. Hot bodies covered in items varying from flirty string bikinis to tempting strappy monokinis. Thanks to the fashion development, bathing suits gave in to the tang madness, and topless became standard. Sounds like heaven? It is. Snap away.

Mirror, mirror on the wall
That feeling when she's in her sexy lingerie and just can’t get enough of herself in front of a king size mirror. It's a perfect moment to capture a dirty selfie and share the joy. One of the favorite ways hot selfies are made, and a good opportunity to capture all of the hot body girl wants to show to the world. She knows she's hot, and wants everyone to notice. Weather she is in her bedroom, in the hallway before she goes to party in a tight dress that goes hand in hand with the weekend, or with shades on because she's shines like a star tonight, or in the bathroom after a shower wrapped in a soft towel, it's our favorite kind really.

The bed selfie
She is about to go to bed, but her sleepy eyes have the energy for a couple of shots to give a hint what's it like between her sheets. She can be on her back with a seductive look over her shoulder, or with her hair spread on the pillow. Who doesn't like a sight of a pretty girl in bed? We do!
Girl laying down sexy selfies
Naughty working girl
Every once in a while, a hot girl's got to show people she works hard too. She's a domina type lady in a cool suit and heels so high they reach up into the heavens. She's handling a workload daily and makes a break from time to time to undo the first few buttons of her shirt and take a quick office selfie while pushing her glasses back with a devilish motion.

Doing it while driving!
She’s dressed like she’s off to a beach, with a broad smile and wind in her hair while she captures the moment behind the wheel. She might say it’s meant for the boyfriend she’s meeting later. We might add: and anyone else who sees it. This one can cause some trouble on the way.

Fitness selfie
A wise man once said no workout is complete without 30 minutes of lifting weights followed by 30 minutes of mirror pics. After all, Every now and then, even while working out, we need a break. And we love those pics of lean, sculpted bodies in the gym mirror. Yup, we can see how she got sexy. It's only righteous to make the world jealous of that hot bod!

“I'm not alone” selfie The last but not the least in the categories of horny selfies is the “I’m not alone” selfieOh, they come in couples too. There’s a fitness freak guy besides a stunning tanned beauty in a seductive pose, one hand around her shoulders and another holding the camera like they’re bragging to the world: imagine the two of us awesome people in bed. They’re not just adding spice to their relationship, they are showing off.