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Girls are addicted to Snapchat
Snapchat girls
The very same moment she opens her eyes in the morning, her hand reaches out for phone. It's not because she wants to check the time, the weather, or her mail post – it's only because of Snapchat. Yes, it's all about the media platform that enables you to take and send 'Snaps' – pictures and videos to lots of people. When it all strated, you were able to send snap to one person only, and seconds after viewing it, snap would dissappear. But the app was getting more and more popular, especially among the millennials, and as time went by, Snapchat developed group snaps, lots of features, stories... All kinda stuff that teenagers got hooked up more and more to it.

And as it became more popular, boys and girls were more likely to become addicted. And they are. If you look for it online, you'll find quite a big number of parents telling stories about their daughters' addictions.She was taking pictures literally all day long. Everything she (and our whole family) did, ended as a Snapchat material, parents complain. Eating home and out, driving to school, her younger sister dancing or even crying, they say, it was all captured for Snapchat. Only pause she made was while looking at her friends profiles and viewing their snaps.

Researches were also made about girls being addicted to Snapchat. Or any other social media. For instance, Pew Research Center claim, based on their surveys, that 92 % of all teenagers are daily online, with 24 % of them admitting they're online constantly. So, how much Snapchat is enough, people wonder? How to recognize snapchat girls being addicted?

Well, there are signs. Signs that are actually easy to be recognized. Here's a list of it you should check.
Snapchat girls
1. No matter if the're looking for some funny stuff, checking on their best friends, or figuring out where their boyfriends are - snapchat girls check snaps first thing in the morning.

2. Snapchat girls are likely to think that faceless messages belonh to history – they have actual conversations with friends through Snapchat app. Of course, the conversation includes lots of selfies and snap features.

3. Snap selfies are constantly taken in public. Sometimes they're trying to do it discreetly, but every snap actually causes abot ten pictures being taken, before finding the perfect one that goes online.

4. Snapchat score is something these kind of girls check over and over again. They complain about how they can't get a score bigger than, let's say 5.000 points, while some of their friends reach about 30.000.

5. It’s the last thing Snapchat girls check before going to sleep. Sometimes they even send out 'good night' snaps.

6. They keep talking about Snapchat stories, even the boring ones. I saw it in a snap story' is a constant sentence.

So, why is Snapchat addictive? Well, you should know that it was designed to be addictive. Not literally, but it's aiming to cause a response in your head. It's your brain that leads you to checking on Snapchat constantly (or any other social media), and sometimes you go through the app without even thinking about doing it. It's a mechanical reaction, at one point.

Receiving a snap message, especially sex related, intrigues your brain. It's subconscious, your brain cells feel good, and the aftermath is trying to get more and more of it. That's called the dopamine effect. Psychologists and social experts also have their say on the subject of social media addiction. They agree it is a real addiction, knowing what are your friends doing, how many people like your posts, how many people followed you, etc. It leads to anxiety, not being online, not knowing what's going on online.
Snapchat girls
And the more girls and boys are on social media platforms, the more stress they get. Some heavy cases of social media users admitt actually that they check their profiles and feeds more than one hundred times per day. There is one thing we shortly mentioned, but it's a thing most parents are concerned about. Sex related content. And it's a good thing that parents are aware of potential security threats, in relation to this photo messaging program. But mostly teenagers do not use Snapchat as a sexting tool. To most of them, Snapchat is a conversation tool. Sometimes, constant use of social media is a getaway to teenagers who suffer from poor social skills. They maybe feeling alone and having problems making new friends face-to-face. So, it's easier for them to instant message friends.

So, what can parents do? Taking away their mobile phones as a punishment for frequent use is not an option. That's not the way of solving a problem. Your child will begin to consider you as an enemy, not as a person who is doing it for his good. And such an act can lead to withdrawal or anger. You should try to establish some boundaries – set some rules in what situations and times of day where checking their mobile is not possible. Here's some suggestions to addicts themselves, on how to break free from Snapchat and social media addiction.

Try to understand that you are being played, by the platforms. As we said before, they are designed to be repeatedly used. Think of yourself as a technology hostage, that shoul lead you to set some limits on time of usage. Set a few rules, and think of it as a game where you test yourself how much can you implement. For example, rule out the app while having lunch or a dinner, while on a bus or a train, when in bathroom or in bed.Get yourself a real alarm clock. That's the easy way of not starting your day starring at your phone.

Make another test with yourself by signing off the internet during one weekend. If not the whole weekend, then try to check the app with purpose. Before opening it, ask yourself if that is something you really, really need at the moment? If you're doing it just because you're bored, then you're not really enjoying it. So, find something else you'll enjoy.

Pretend that you're an editor. To yourself. Before sending a Snap, ask yourself if the content makes sense, or you're just doing it to tell the world you're trendy or having a good time. If you're, for instance, in a concert, don't take snaps just to let people you're there. Try to enjoy the concert instead. Try to enjoy life that passes you while you're online.