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The history of Snapchat and the increase of Snapchat Nudes
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In the age we live in, many mainstream media are proliferating the sexual inhibition of girls. Social media platforms are playing a big role in that process. Numerous studies show that generations of young women are gripped by the exposure to the sexualized female ideal. The sense of ''self'' is more and more influenced by the image-conscious sexual culture. Soft porn images have become a normal thing to see on the screen of your living room TV, or the phone you're holding, while browsing the web. Pornography entered the culture we live in, and in an Internet era, it's as available as it ever was.

Internet, tablets, laptops and mobile phone apps have revolutionized the way teens can encounter soft porn content. They all use Snapchat, Instagram, Vine, or Tumblr. It only takes a swipe or a click to reach sexually explicit content on an app like Snapchat. Encouraged by images they see on social networks, girls try to participate. All in all, young immature teens are becoming aware of their sexuality at a tender age because of the hyper sexuality effect. Current generation of tweens is far more mature than girls from past periods of time. Tween girls are wearing short skirts, a lot of makeup, and are more and more boy-obsessed. Six out of ten 12 to 14 year old girls uses lipstick or lip gloss, while more than 80% of that population wears nail polish and perfume. Snapchat nudes and selfies are one of the popular ways how young women are trying to be what they see – a sexy image of themselves.
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Teens are exploring the world they found themselves in. For that reason that population tends to be more open to sexual experimentation and self-expression which leads to further social acceptance of sexually explicit content, soft porn and porn, especially via their smart phones.

Increasingly popular photo sharing app, Snapchat is a major app for teen sexting and snapchat selfies. Mostly because it allows users to send picture messages that disappear after a brief, user-defined period of time. The awareness that their Snapchat nudes will perish is enticing more and more teens to go for naked Snapchat exchange, and practically encourages teens to behave in a manner they might regret later. For many American teens, nude Snapchat has become a part of the daily routine, even a way of life. Closed in the bathroom, or in their room, teens snap each other, all the time, without hesitation to send borderline nude images or videos or expose full frontal nudity. Material none of them would feel comfortable showing to their grandparents. Even though Snapchat photos disappear after a while, it is not uncommon that the other side screenshots every photo immediately for later watching.
Snapchat nudes color
Research indicates that in 2009. 15% of teens used their smartphone for sexting, and around 5% confessed that they have sent sexually suggestive, nearly nude or nude images or videos to someone else. Three years later, studies reported that 28% of teens has engaged in an nude photo or video exchange. Studies in recent years also report that teen sexting is on the rise. A well heard of example of nude Snapchat between teens is a case of a 21 year old boy and a 19 year old girl who were exchanging Snaps on regular bases. At first non sexual content, just having fun and talking. However, after a while, the girl was sending photos of her wearing just her underwear and finally topless Spans. The boy took a screenshot of every photo and saved them on his memory card. After his mother discovered them, while checking her sons phone, she was in shock.

Social researchers are concerned because of the danger of objectification of girls and women by the all present sexual in today’s world. Studies indicate that teens and young adults ages 18 to 24 look for, and watch porn more often than any other age group. Young women are being groomed for a passive role of an object with a sole purpose of looking good. Girls are shown the way how to become sex objects for males. We live in a world where everything that can possibly be sexualized is sexualized to the extreme. Even children clothes sections have been invaded by subtlle sexualization. Based on a recent research, 70% of the girls’ wears have been sexualized by only changing the color of the clothes made for adults. Teenagers play with sexed up toys and games. Celebrity photo shootings, TV shows, music and interests, merchandise brands, even something as common and everyday as food is sold through sexual implications. Hyper sexuality of the American teen culture, according to the American Psychological Association is a real cause for concern. On the other hand, U.K. researcher’s find there is less agreement on what the sexual effects on the culture might turn out to be.