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Selfies submitted today (February 20, 2018)
snapchat usernames Let's warm each supernumerary up
by bitsnpiecesalloverme
snapchat usernames frontal
by SucceedEndings9490
snapchat usernames Hi :)
by stop_Stag
snapchat usernames First post!!
by nursexy174
snapchat usernames Good morning! Come
by Anatomicalpositions
snapchat usernames Wanna taste?
by Freckles302
snapchat usernames Slow-Mo Titty Bounce
by jinkiesss
snapchat usernames Working from home
by feminist-acquiescing
snapchat usernames Verification Post
by VoilaJeSuisici
snapchat usernames my fucking fix up line
by bustyblonde112
snapchat usernames Taking a ride
by DameShafer
snapchat usernames Feeling soft
by Highsmilin
Selfies submitted yesterday (February 19, 2018)
snapchat usernames Like my independent panties?
by lmaonox
snapchat usernames feeling like sucking dunghill fowl
by breakfastburrito89
snapchat usernames first surbase
by hgex
snapchat usernames hot and tea rose
by neko_temari
snapchat usernames freaky friday
by MandyCandy381
snapchat usernames Beyond horny presently
by Colourradio
snapchat usernames Late night snack
by veggmaling
snapchat usernames Friday night shenanigans
by idontknowbaby
snapchat usernames Fancy a Little Love Potion? 💏❤
by xiouzioujets
snapchat usernames Fuck me like a good little romp
by ILikeToSitNearFaces
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The most popular Snapchat usernames
Snapchat usernames quad colors
Snapchat is a popular app, mobile of course, which enables you to send pictures and videos to friends. Those pictures and videos are programmed to be destructed by itself, only few seconds after the receiver views them. Those messages can be funny, because after you take a photo or a video, Snapchat lets you add a doodle, a lens graphic or a caption, before sending it. Then your friends are given the possibility of viewing snaps for up to 10 seconds, before they disappear.

Snaps can also be added to your own 'story', which is a 24-hour collection of all your broadcasted photos and videos. Alternatively, you can add it to your story, a 24-hour collection of all your photos and videos. If you're new to Snapchat, you'll need to learn some specific phrases and words used for the app. 'Snapchatters', for instance, is shortened for 'Snapchat users'. 'Snapback' would be a reply to a already sent 'Snap' – which is, as said before, a photo or a video taken via Snapchat. 'Chat' is an app's feature designed to directly message your friends, and 'here' is a feature to start a live video chat in a direct message. 'Scores' stands for the total number of sent and received snaps, and it's displayed right next to your name in contacts.

Although everyone uses Snapchat, the app's main target are teenagers, and young adults. It's an app youngsters are addicted to. Now, let's talk how addicted. For that reason, let's consider numbers a bit. Big numbers. Snapchat's daily total upload number is about four hundred million messages. That's why the app is one of the most popular ones nowadays.
Snapchat usernames quad colors
There are some advices on how to get the most out of the app. For example, although it wasn't like that in first place, now you can edit your pictures and make them nicer, or crop away unwanted details. Photos snapped with the app look a bit grainy, but you can use filters that Snapchat enabled to improve those pictures. There is also now a feature that lets you review the Snap, before it's deleted. It can be done once a day, through the feature called Replay.

The Snapchat is becoming more and more popular – that's a fact, researchers say. And one of the reasons for it are people who, at least in our popular culture, make the world turn around – celebrities. Snapchat it's getting more and more popular among the trend setters and celebrities. Let's face it – if it causes a huge commotion in the lives of tweens, teens and young adults around the world – celebrities must become a part of it. Kylie Jenner, DJ Khaled, Gigi Hadid and Justin Bieber are among the most active, and also the ones people mostly look for.

What are the most popular Snapchat usernames? A hard question to many magazines and websites try to answer by creating lists of most popular Snapchat usernames. We selected a couple of them for your consideration, and - what a surprise, they all belong to celebrities. For instance, many people rate these five as the most interesting ones: Ariana Grande (her Snapchat username is Moonlightbae), Zac Efron (Zacefron87), Miley Cyrus (mileyxxcyrus), Gerard Butler (GButer71), and of course Justin Bieber (Rickthesizzler).

If you're into interesting people and things not exclusively related to music and movies, then you should check these Snapchat usernames: rackeddotcom - a site you should check if you're into fashion, shopping, etc; newyorkermag - there's not much to explain about this famous magazine; mashable - a website that offers a lot, whether you're looking after tech, bussiness, social media, red carpets and different shows, etc; tacobell - they're not only into offering menus and new food, they create different stories about love or romance; geeohsnap - it's a Norwegian artist's Snap, where he or she introduces you to interesting and unusual people and places.
Snapchat usernames quad colors
And here's also a bigger list of celebrities Snapchat usernames. We even sorted them in an alphabetical row, for your convinience: Avicii (Snapchat Username: timbling), Bella Hadid (baybels777), Bella Thorne (bellathornedab), Blake Lively (livelybk), Brody Jenner (nextjenneration), Calvin Harris (calvinharris), Chris Brown (Bpchrisbrown), Diplo (diplo3000), DJ Khaled (djkhaled305), Fifth Harmony (fifthharmony), Gigi Hadid (doublegiforce), Girls - HBO (Snapchat username: girlshbo), Jamie Foxx (iamjamiefoxx), Jared Leto (jaredleto), Jason Derulo (derulo_jason), Jennifer Lopez (jlobts), Jessica Alba (jessicamalba), Jimmy Fallon (fallontonight), Juicy J (itsyoboyjuicyj), Katy Perry (Snapchat username: katyperry), Kylie Jenner (kylizzlemynizzl), Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (mackandryan), Meghan Trainor (mtrainor22), Miley Cyrus (mileycyrus), MTV music channel (Snapchat username: mtv), Rihanna (rihanna), Ryan Seacrest (ryanseacrest), Shawn Mendes (shawnmendes1), Skrillex (skrilloo), Snoop Dogg (snoopdogg213), Tiesto (Snapchat username: tiesto), Tyga (lamboluxury), Zayn Malik (zayn), ZEDD (zedd), Zendaya (zendaya_96).

And for all of us who are looking for fame, a question might be asked: Are there any suggestions for how to get a popular name on Snapchat? As a matter of fact there are, according to some researches. There are some names that made it to the list of top 10 base words in the Snapchat username: chris, alex, mike, ashley, nick, anthony, matt, jess, steph and amanda. So get creative with those and your path towards Snapchat popularity might be set easier than you think.

If you're one of those math lovers or astrology types and into putting numbers into your username, here's a list of most popular 4-numbered suggestions: 2013, 1234, 2000, 2012, 1991, 1990, 1994, 2345, 1992 and 1993. As you can notice, they are either combinations that look cool, either numbers which make a year users were born in. For all of you princesses out there who want a proper girlish username, we made a special list of interesting Snapchat username ideas, for girls: purplelove, glitterlady, prettykitty, charmingchick, crazycupcake, whiteflower, smilesalotlady, puppydoll, naughtyangel, springblossom, snapittysnap, littledancer, missballerina, prettylittlepearls, strawberrylips, adorablelittlefreak, wonderwoman, justbeingfabulous, snapsterprincess, bigbrowneyes.

Don't worry guys, we wouldn’t forget you. Here are some of the Snapchat username ideas you can use: lordofkingdoms, borntoparty, laughingbuddha, thealchemist, darkwizard, notasuperman, killerboy, snap-pete, blackhawk, ijustgotsnapped, fastestrunner, secretagent, crazybiker, smartheaddexter, basketballfreak, iaminvincible.