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Selfies submitted today (June 19, 2018)
tumblr girls Girlfriend posting premier pictures. <3
by SlushPuppyAnimator
tumblr girls Fresh Out Of The Shower!~ <3
by Tsukimune
tumblr girls 3rd times a charm. Verification
by queenlemonsquare
tumblr girls Verification...3rd bother hihi :)
by sweetmoonbunny
tumblr girls Bath time after a talkative day. <3
by Lesbomcmetalnips
tumblr girls Finally fondled! <3
by me-pain
tumblr girls Took awhile! Verification
by thegamex907
tumblr girls Verify me please! <3
by Natalia0407
tumblr girls Happy Friday The 13th My Loves <3
by PrincessBlair
tumblr girls fre 3
by melodyst
tumblr girls Stealing daddys phone <3
by SovereignprincessBlu...
Selfies submitted yesterday (June 18, 2018)
tumblr girls Teasing dad at work! <3
by SovereignprincessBlu...
tumblr girls something for my bambino <3
by garth2930_partyon
tumblr girls Feeling frisky <3
by FuzzyPink626
tumblr girls wednesday night!!!!!
by maiamais
tumblr girls Just a small album before saw wood <3
by udundidit441
tumblr girls alpha and omega out pic3
by 433-curvy-BAMA-gurl
tumblr girls <3 white lace erstwhile bed
by omgmoardots
tumblr girls Back and Better than Ever
by Sugarbee816
tumblr girls Sunny day Horny weaker vessel <3
by Hickeysplease
tumblr girls My favorite pair as for panties <3
by Blondie-BBW
tumblr girls A how-do-you-do for ya <3
by Jackson_Hugh
tumblr girls getting better...
by 249JustSubliminalsel...
from the Blog
How to become a hot Tumblr girl?
hot tumblr gurls
You've got the looks and know what you want? You like social media and the craze you can cause by showing off your tanned midriff posing high waist short shorts, fringed shirts, and heels? It's a good start. We gathered some tips to help you become a hot Tumblr girl. Tumblr girls are social media icons and every hipster’s fantasy, always able to have cool style, amazing lips, hot body, flawless skin, awesome smiles and perfect makeup. Hundreds of thousands of followers are waiting for the next pic revealing the fun lifestyle of their goddess. Tumblr girls are hot stuff, and we'll show you how to get there.

Dress like a Tumblr girl
Clothes are a major thing in a life of a Tumblr girl. That doesn't mean you have to spend insane quantities of money on big fashion house names, you just need to have some style. Tumblr girls seem eclectic and accessible, not like someone who's compensating the lack of imagination by paying for the most expensive brands. Remember, money can't buy love. Or Tumblr girl style. Make sure you have all of the seasons covered. Bikini's and miniskirts are not enough, especially in December. Big winter coats can be sexy too. Add some accessories to make your outfit cuter. Find some vintage jewelry or a cool hat from the bottom of your grandma's wardrobe. Feel free to experiment. Distance yourself from the usual mall styles. Go to boutiques and thrift stores as well and look for clothes and items that aren't in the closet of the average girl, because you want to be a Tumblr girl. And they know how to add a retro detail and create that unique touch.

Be original
Don't go copying your favorite Tumblr girls either. Listen to your inner voice and follow the instinct which tells you what will look good on you and what won't. Mix and match stuff in front of a mirror until you find the right combination. Be playful with various clothing styles, from hip-hop to runway, goth to retro. Remember, anything can work if it works. Believe in yourself, find out what type of Tumblr girl are you. Develop your own style and wear it with pride. There's no one out there which can be better you than yourself.
hot tumblr gurls
Follow fashion trends
If you're last to wear something that's trending, you're no hot Tumblr girl material. Follow trends in fashion. Keep an eye on what your role models are starting to wear and join them early on, so you are a part of the topic everyone is talking about. Try out the new while it's fresh. If you're one of those girls who don’t like to copy much, try to set your own trends. Go wild, weird and daring. Make it work and set the fashion trend for others to copy.

Look hot
You can't be a hot Tumblr girl if you don't look hot. Hit the gym and get tight, or make the best of that hot body you already have. Combine the clothes so your virtues shine. If you have a nice figure, show it. If your cleavage is making heads spin, emphasize it. If your lips are full and lush, lick 'em! Avoid heavy makeup. Tumblr girls usually look like normal, casual people having fun and looking natural. Try to develop a natural makeup look. You can let yourself loose around the eye part. Eyeliner and mascara go a long way because hot Tumblr girls have seductive eyes. Play with your hair and find a unique hair style and change it frequently. Do something new and wild every once in a while. Hair styles help with the general appearance and can make same outfits seem different.

Good photo quality
Forget about trashy phone cams. You need quality if you're going to radiate quality. Successful Tumblr girls who look even hotter in photos than they do in real life need a decent camera. It doesn't have to be all professional, top gun equipment, but an investment in a good camera and even a tripod will get you where you want to go, and give your army of followers some yearning material. When you snap, it's not the end. Remember, we live in the age of technology and there's no need to try and escape from it. Use Photoshop or some other quality photo-editing software. Improve your photos and do a bit of touch up to your features if needed to get that Tumblr girl look. Try different filters and see which one gives you that magic look you want.
hot tumblr gurls
Always new
It's not enough to look hot. You need to be at a hot location as well. Change settings all the time. There's no magic in endless photo sessions in your room. Take pictures in different beautiful and photogenic places. Wherever you are, try and find an interesting background and snap away. Think fun. Think fresh. Think new. Choose locations you're taking photos in according to your personality. Play with lighting, as much as you can, but remember, natural lighting is a Tumblr girl’s best friend.

Be cool, act cool
Remember, you're a hot Tumblr girl. You won't post a selfie while sitting in front of a TV. Go to parties, hit the gym, play in front of a mirror, go jogging, snap while diving in a pool. Cool girls do cool stuff. Nothing too crazy, though. You're not Batman. A Tumblr girl gives us more than just a pretty sight. She stirs our imagination and broadens the horizons. Look cute and flawless and in the same time approachable like a girl next door.

Follow and be followed
Make sure you don't seem too distant. Give your followers a feeling like you're within their reach. Follow other users whose posts you like, don't be afraid to interact. Go active and engage with other people. You'll be like a goddess among mortals, and they will love you for it. Re-blog pictures that you like, favorite cool posts and you'll find that numbers of your followers are rapidly growing.